Ryerson University Women in Leadership Breakfast – February 15, 2013

This is our sixth in our series of Ryerson Women in Leadership forum events.

So this morning we tried something – at their urging, a little bit different – with these table topics, to try to – I think increase the richness of the networking, that is a really important part of these events.

I had the experience of walking between the Toronto General and the Toronto Western Hospital, and someone from across the street hollers out at me in a very very loud voice with a pretty significant Caribbean accent, says: “Girl! You are walking with potential!” (laughter) For the first time in my life I thought that, somehow, I was projecting something that I perhaps, in a little bit of a way, knew was within myself but didn’t know how to put it out.

A common mistake is mistaking role models for mentors.

Role models are really really important – somebody that you see is doing something good or being something that you want to be or you want to be like – all well and good.

A mentor has presence.

You want to have mentors who are able to help you along the way.

Source: Youtube